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The Asia/Africa/Middle East regions of multi-national consumer-brand company engage in significant corporate socially responsible (CSR) activities within their areas. The company wanted to develop a consistent strategy for communicating on these activities through their 13 local company communication professionals. Each area was unique in its activities while aligning projects with the company’s overarching corporate citizen philosophy and values. The company needed a CSR communication strategy to be developed by the 13 professionals for their respective areas.


Develop a CSR training module as part of an employee development program. Focus module on understanding the state of CSR in today’s marketplace, highlight best practices in establishing credibility in CSR activities and review CSR communication strategies in case studies from around the world. Participants were required to use module learnings in developing a CSR communication strategy for their area.


The 13 participants attended a “Live Meeting” learning module on the history of CSR, trends in CSR and best practices in building trust and credibility with CSR activities and communication. Two weeks later, participants submitted 13 individual plans identifying strengths/weaknesses of their CSR program and recommendation for filling gaps for their next plan year.

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