How do we get everyone on the same page?

Does the frontline know about this?

Can we manage information and knowledge better?

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Keeping employees, customers and key groups informed and up-to-date has been a constant struggle for companies. Technology and today’s fast-paced global economy has compounded this challenge by reinforcing the need for these groups to be informed on the company’s outlook, brand and initiatives.

Engagement, participation and innovation are all dependent on keeping stakeholder groups performing at their highest level and bringing what they learn back into the company. HeimannHills designs training modules – meetings for giving and discussing information – that are objective driven, highly interactive and culturally positive.

Aligning training with your company’s objectives, we design sessions that employ adult learning tools to capture participation and learning and define performance success. Sessions may include:

 Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence, Melbourne, Australia



Global Standard of the Communication Profession and Career Paths

Keeping participants involved in learning makes the transition to using what they have learned in their jobs easier and better for the company. Utilizing all resources in the company’s portfolio delivers a world-class organization that is a leap ahead of competitors.

Training with performance objectives delivers a win/win for everyone

For today’s companies, the essential component in the plan is the contingency planning so adjustments can be made as the market changes. This enables you to be flexible and nimble in responding to evolving market events that affect your plan.

Our blend of objective market analysis and contingency planning is a marketing approach that delivers sound expectations and the confidence to respond to unforeseen market events as the plan period unfolds.

You can rely on our expertise to give you the edge you need and success you expect.

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