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Our team, led by Patricia Heimann and Mary Hills, consists of highly skilled, innovative professionals with an average of 30 years


We are a select group of professionals, building the right-sized, right-skilled team for your needs. Our team includes former VP’s and

Directors from industry-leading, Fortune 500 companies.

Having worked in industry, we know the challenges you face. We provide clients a best-in-class team.

Case studies:

  • Concept Test - Software Technology Start-up
    A software startup had developed a product concept for programmers and data administrators that enabled them to rapidly develop applications that store, analyze and query data that is difficult to achieve using standard database technology.  While the startup was fairly sure this software could be a game-changer for programmers, input from actual users was needed to ensure development was aligning with the voice-of-the-user and their needs and requirements.  
  • Merger & Acquisition Targeting - Professional Services
    A global $30MM professional service firm wanted to embark on a national acquisition strategy as part of their growth strategy.  The company had pursued an organic growth strategy by opening an office in a neighboring state. Staffing the new location, developing local knowledge and becoming part of the local network had proven resource heavy and time-consuming.  In support of an acquisition strategy for growth, the firm asked HH to conduct research to identify market segment and geographic target markets that would have good potential for growth.  In addition, HH was asked to forecast the impact on the company’s current financials.
  • Professional Development – Italian School for the Management of Companies
    Nineteen Italian executives from sixteen industrial/manufacturing companies in Reggio Emilia, Italy were interested in gaining first-hand knowledge and exposure to current U.S. marketing trends in this sector as they explored their company’s growth opportunities in the U.S.
  • Professional Development - Multi-national Company's Internal Communication Unit
    The Asia/Africa/Middle East regions of multi-national consumer-brand company engage in significant corporate socially responsible (CSR) activities within their areas. The company wanted to develop a consistent strategy for communicating on these activities through their 13 local company communication professionals. Each area was unique in its activities while aligning projects with the company’s overarching corporate citizen philosophy and values. The company needed a CSR communication strategy to be developed by the 13 professionals for their respective areas.
  • Stakeholder Communication - International Association
    The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Accreditation Council holds accountability and responsibility for the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) credential for the association. The association serves more than 15,000 organization communicators worldwide. The Value of Accreditation Study was conducted by an independent, research firm to identify the value of accreditation to organizational communication practitioners, their employers and the organizational communication industry. The significant findings of the study needed to be communicated to key stakeholder groups throughout the world.
  • Brand Audit - Jeff Theatre Awards
    The Jeff Committee organization operates as an all-volunteer organization to honor and recognize excellence in Chicago area theatre companies. In 2007, the Committee identified several issues with the existing brand, specifically the logo elements. Lack of consistency, amateurish and in need of update were some of the comments heard from theatre companies. The Committee wanted to learn how the Chicago theatre community perceived the Jeff Committee brand.Take a look at:Theatre in Chicago News 
  • Marketing Plan & Execution - Healthcare Services
    A large healthcare network of hospitals and outpatient centers contacted HeimannHills Marketing Group to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. The healthcare network is located in a very competitive market and it had minimal knowledge of the changing dynamics of the communities it served..
  • Integrated Marketing - International Auto-parts Manufacturer
    An Italian international manufacturer of high performance automotive and OEM parts reached out to HeimannHills Marketing Group to help launch its brand and product line in the competitive U.S. market. The company needed assistance in assessing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to create an identity in the U.S. In addition, it needed to develop unique selling points to stand out at a crowded trade show in Las Vegas, and generate new leads in the U.S. market.
  • In-Depth Interviews & Analysis - Financial Services
    A Financial Institute Education Network contacted HeimannHills Marketing Group to assist in reasserting its leadership role in professional education through its classes and programs. At the time, the Institute had only 18% share of the market, with the remainder served by other educational providers. The Institute set an initial goal of gaining a minimum 30% share of the market for educational services within the next five years. The Financial Institute’s first step toward achieving this goal was to engage HeimannHills Marketing Group to conduct market research that would establish a solid foundation on which to build the marketing strategy for its Education Network.
  • Distribution Partner Search - International Professional Services
    A Swiss based consulting company, specializing in coaching top managers, was interested in expanding it services to the U.S. market. The company focused primarily on offering its services in Europe, and the goal was to identify a partner in the region of Northern California, due to the high number of large companies clustered in the area. HeimannHills Marketing Group was asked to conduct a qualified business partner search to identify a range of strategic partners, and then contact them to propose a strategic alliance. It was a priority of the Swiss company for the potential partner to meet specific criteria.
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