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A software startup had developed a product concept for programmers and data administrators that enabled them to rapidly develop applications that store, analyze and query data that is difficult to achieve using standard database technology.  While the startup was fairly sure this software could be a game-changer for programmers, input from actual users was needed to ensure development was aligning with the voice-of-the-user and their needs and requirements.  


Conduct a concept test with programmers and data administrators in small technology firms and medium/large companies to identify work process attributes, rank features of the product concept, assess willingness to buy or not buy the product concept, test two price points and identify a profile of the most likely buyer.  Serving as the marketing function, HeimannHills developed the concept test strategy and objectives, managed the survey vendor and analyzed the survey results.


Results of the 150 panel respondents, 36% said they are interested in the product with an additional 53% expressing interest if more information was available, a trial offer was available, knowing the price of the software and further proof of product claims became available.  In addition, respondents ranked the features they wanted most and benefits that would impact their daily work the most.  The qualitative research provided keen insights for the future development of the enterprise software.  The concept test focused product development on those attributes and features most valuable to users as well as provide insight into the product augmentations and  key marketing communication messages.

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