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The strategic goal for a large healthcare network, located in the third largest MSA, was to be viewed as a leader in addressing community specific healthcare needs. A major obstacle to meeting this goal was the low physician loyalty. The healthcare network is in a highly competitive market with strong pressure from several large healthcare providers. The healthcare network reached out to HeimannHills Marketing Group to develop a market research program to identify the issues underlying the low levels of physician loyalty.


HeimannHills Marketing Group worked closely with key executives of the healthcare network in collecting demographic data on the communities served and information about the competition. We analyzed this data, and obtained feedback from the healthcare network staff in developing and distributing a needs assessment survey to 250 physicians. We also conducted 30 in-depth interviews in a 2 week period with the healthcare network physicians from a variety of specialties. We analyzed the feedback from the surveys and interviews in developing a summary of key findings and to provide actionable recommendations for each of the healthcare network’s specialty service departments.


Based on the research findings, changes were made in each of the healthcare network’s specialty service departments. These changes addressed the physicians’ needs and improved physician morale. Overall, the number of patients referred to the healthcare network by the physicians increased by 20%.

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