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A Swiss based consulting company, specializing in coaching top managers, was interested in expanding it services to the U.S. market. The company focused primarily on offering its services in Europe, and the goal was to identify a partner in the region of Northern California, due to the high number of large companies clustered in the area. HeimannHills Marketing Group was asked to conduct a qualified business partner search to identify a range of strategic partners, and then contact them to propose a strategic alliance. It was a priority of the Swiss company for the potential partner to meet specific criteria.


Our first step involved researching different sources for developing a target list of companies that met the specified criteria outlined by the Swiss company. From the master list, the Swiss company identified several U.S. companies they were interested in exploring an alliance/partnership. HeimannHills Marketing Group contacted key executives of each of the selected U.S. companies to introduce the Swiss company’s services and to answer any questions. Based on feedback from these conversations, we determined which U.S. companies were interested in meeting with a representative from the Swiss company to discuss a strategic alliance.


HeimannHills Marketing Group was able to identify four companies in Northern California interested in discussing an alliance/partnership with the Swiss company. The Founder/Managing Director of the Swiss company plans to meet with each of the four companies. In addition, based on our discussions with key executives of eleven Northern California companies, we provided the Swiss company with important information regarding trends and opportunities in the coaching and cross-cultural training industries.

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