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What are the customer needs?

Are our customers satisfied?

How strong is the market need?

How do we stand up to our competitors?

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Market Research that provides answers – quickly






Every organization has a multitude of questions that need answers when planning what the next steps are for their growth. Guessing and gut feelings can often result in not only lost resources but lost opportunity and revenue as well.

HeimannHills Marketing Group can help you:

  • Position a new product or service with the best targets
  • Analyze the competition and industry benchmark
  • Find out what your customer is thinking
  • Assess the viability of a new product or market
  • Identify partner/alliance opportunities based on focused criterion

We carefully design qualitative and quantitative market research to provide you the insight and accurate information you need for assessing, planning and implementing your marketing, product, communication and development strategy.

From project definition to presentation of results, we bring over 20 years experience to delivering actionable results. We identify the most appropriate and cost effective market research technique for your situation.


These techniques include:

  • in-depth interviews
  • survey research
  • usability research
  • online discussion groups
  • secondary research
  • focus groups
  • evaluation of creatives
  • concept tests

Our reports and presentations include strategic insights and actionable business recommendations. This enables you to quickly move to adjust current activities or take advantage of any emerging opportunities.

We believe success in market research is business growth, profit and customer commitment.

You can rely on our expertise to give you the edge you need and success you expect.

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