Is the target group large enough?

What segments should we pursue?

Did we get it right?

How are we different from our competitors?

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Actions to meet the needs of your customer - profitably




Marketing is tricky. Marketing strategy is a differentiator. Competitive companies:

  • Identify what customers need
  • Decide how to compete
  • Tap into the right target
  • Establish who the players are
  • Determine the delivery channels and
  • Build valuable customer relationships

Everything matters in marketing and affects your revenue stream. At HeimannHills we know success comes from not only a good marketing plan but also from the tracking techniques used to monitor the plan’s traction in the market. Knowing where you are and what has worked provides the base for you to do sound forecasting for the future. It’s that basic.

We collaborate with you to develop a marketing plan that is based on key performance data, measurable results and tracking techniques to monitor your plan. We build a plan that:

  • Considers key trends that influence your industry
  • Aligns actions with the brand and image of your company
  • Targets the top segments for profitability
  • Focuses on the delivery channels that fit your customer
  • Understands and forecasts your competitor’s activities and movements
  • Establishes tracking techniques to monitor how you are doing
  • Prepares for contingencies when the environment evolves


For today’s companies, the essential component in the plan is the contingency planning so adjustments can be made as the market changes. This enables you to be flexible and nimble in responding to evolving market events that affect your plan.

Our blend of objective market analysis and contingency planning is a marketing approach that delivers sound expectations and the confidence to respond to unforeseen market events as the plan period unfolds.

You can rely on our expertise to give you the edge you need and success you expect.

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